Brothers in Games

Brothers in Games is a collection of innovative digital tools for tabletop miniature wargamers. Focused on mobile devices, you can keep Brothers in Games apps with you everywhere.

As we spend more and more time with our mobile devices, they lack of efficient tabletop gaming tools. With Brothers in Games, we try to provide a extended set of apps that will help you for your hobby.

Available apps

Brothers in Games is designed to help you keep track of the games you played, your favorite tournaments and other information.

App Status: The app is functional but on hold because of the redesign of the other companion apps.

You can get the app Brothers in Games for Android from Google Play .

The best online service to organize and find a tournament is certainly TableTop Tournaments. Brothers in Games Tournaments Tracker makes the access to this service easier. From this app, you can save a tournament in Brothers in Games as a favorite for more options.

App Status: Although the app is functional, it is going trough a redesign process.

You can get the app Brothers in Games T3 for Android from Google Play .

Tournament management made easy. If we want to provide the best app to tournament players, we must also provide the best app to tournament managers and organisers. So, this app currently in development will make it easy to run competitions and share information with the players.

App status: Tournament Manager is currently under development. Check bask soon for updates.

Alkemy is a skirmish game published by the french company Alchemist Miniatures. The app is a profiles index which help you keep an eye on your profiles or those of your opponent at any time.

App Status: The app available on Google Play is out of date. It allows to access the list of the original factions as described in the Genesis rulebook. This app is going trough a massive redesign.

  • You can get the app Brothers in Games Alkemy for Android from Google Play .